Mar. 1st, 2009


Mar. 1st, 2009 12:47 pm
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Hi! Hihihihihi, everyone! I am stoned out of my mind on Benadryl (not Buh-buh-buh-buh-Benzedrine) and practicing the tango. Joseph is a sneaky sod who seems to have that effect- like Antonio Banderas, only shorter- and apparently talks about me at length to the other instructors at the studio. I'm "the ballerina" and they pester me consistently about taking more classes. Oh, and I met his wife, Anna, on Friday! OMG she is ridiculously awesome! We bonded over our fear of falling over while dancing in heels and she thinks that I'd make a good strawberry blonde. She and Joseph are so cute and smug and married and ♥.

Brianna and I went to the Day of Dance at the Albuquerque Hotel yesterday. The local dancing with the stars competition was pretty neat, although nobody from my studio won. Brianna and I sadfaced and glared at the judges because Patti and Phil were clearly the best couple there. Kari Brandenburg wasn't the best dancer ever, but she and Dave(?), the guy who owns the studio, put on a pretty good show, too. Mad props, as the gay little judge would say, to everyone at the dance studio.

Today's lesson is on basic ballroom. I've been brushing up on my tango, waltz, and foxtrot. Patti was kind enough to teach the basics of tango and foxtrot to me on Friday (we made quite the cute girl couple with our short hair and glasses) and Joseph decided to fling me about the room when the Tango came up again. We did fan steps! They were swishy and cool!

On Friday, I also learned the country two step. *wince* Poor Joseph hates this one with a passion and we only practiced it so we could say that we'd done it and would never have to bring it up again. We both looked awful. None the less, Joseph paid me the compliment of being a "regular cow girl." I told him that was something I'm not sure I ever wanted to hear. He huffed a laugh and then tried to make me do something with turns. FAIL.

Alright, time to go make myself look pretty for class. I really hope Patti is teaching today as she is made of awesome and win. Ta!


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