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Thank Fuck all that is over.

So, update? Yes.

I DO NOT HAVE A HEART CONDITION! Huzzah! Of course, I had to drive all the way out to West County in order for them to tell me that. Bastards. Still, it was good to hear that there's nothing wrong with the old ticker. It was also good to DRIVE again. I LOVE driving! Love love LOVE it! And, despite my initial misgivings about borrowing the flatmate's rather flash car, it was nice to be out on the road again, singing along to the CD in the stereo and navigating the winding roads. It was also nice to know that my parallel parking skills are not entirely gone. I had worried there for a bit, seeing as I hadn't parallel parked since the week before my driving test. New Mexico, ladies and gentlemen, Land of Infinite Parking Lots.

I slept all the way through the VP debates? Oops? I don't know. No, that's a lie. The problem is that I don't care. I hope everyone enjoyed them as much as I enjoyed my twelve hour nap.

I'm being productive again!

My mother mailed me the other boot. Unfortunately, my father was too cowardly to drop the other shoe. Lizzie had to tell me about the stray cat my step-brother picked up. I was livid. I'm pretty sure you could see the veins pulsating in my temples from SPACE. Mon papa and I shall, no doubt, be having words.

I just bought a new dress from American Apparel. It's one of those convertible ones made of raspberry-coloured jersey. I think I shall wear it to the MasQUEERade. I figured I would go with a fairly plain, but still flattering, outfit so that the METRIC FUCKTONNE OF GLITTER that Maryse and I are going to wear will really stand out. IT WILL BE FABULOUS!

Which reminds me... MASK TIME! I need to buy some black poster board, a dowel, some ribbon, liquid glue, and a cheap glue brush. I'm making something glittery and fabulous! Actually, I can probably pinch the ribbon from the costume shop some morning. I just need to find a time to do it...

Guys, I actually want to see Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist. And not only for the bandom recast that will most likely happen (hello, this is me). I want to see it because I have infinite sympathy for Michael Cera. His characters always have that look on their faces like they can't believe their lives just went there and aren't even going to try to process it because it would only end in tears. I know that look, because that is my life. It always goes there, and my misery loves company. I also want to see if the film actually manages to have realistic gay characters. I want to find more films with gay characters that don't make me cringe. The list is depressingly short.

And, now that I have unburdened myself upon you, I need to go do more work.

Chin chin!
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So, I've finally put together my costume for the "P" themed party tomorrow night. I'm pretty sure that what I am about to inflict on the unsuspecting public can be classified as both a sin and a tragedy. I wanted to go as a Punk-Rock Pinup Girl ala Johanna Angel, only I think I took a wrong turn along the way and ended up with something a little closer to Pete Wentz, Vag Edition. The Homophobia Is Gay tiara I got for my birthday last year is the crowning glory (haha) of this lolarious nightmare of an outfit. I'm not sure, but chances are that violates the TOS agreement. I told you I'd be so scene it would hurt... I just didn't believe I'd pull it off quite as successfully as I did.


See you on the flipside.


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