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Some of you have been wondering why I've been obsessed with Due South lately.

Well, vaguely air-brushed though they may be, these photos of Paul Gross should give you some idea.

Hey, handsome. It's most comforting to know that I am still so deeply, deeply shallow.

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Things that make me happy:

1. The song "Barrett's Privateers" as sung by Stan Rogers. Also, as sung by Paul Gross, because he is gorgeous and godlike and YES.

2. The Dreamers, which, in all honesty, doesn't make anyone all that happy. But, regardless of my emotional state following that film, Eva Green is rather fantastic and I just about died over the Venus de Milo shot. Absolutely painfully gorgeous.

3. Hard Core Logo. Once again, not exactly happy-making, but Callum Keith Rennie is hypnotic. You totally get why Joe Dick is obsessed with Billy Tallent. Also, the script is amazing. It's just so raw and natural and it tears you to absolute fucking shreds. Sometimes you need that.

4. due South. I loved this show way back when. It was a favorite when I stayed in Santa Fe. Of course, it wasn't until I watched it recently that I realized how delightfully slashy the whole thing is. Especially when Ray Kowalski (Callum Keith Rennie) shows up. Then... then the slash practically writes itself. "I just made a curling reference. I'm going to go lay down." - Ray K. ♥.♥

5. Folie a Deux because the Fall Out Boys did a bang up job with this album and it makes me dance around my flat in a really embarrassing way. "20 Dollar Nosebleed" remains my favorite song thus far, but I also have special love for "What A Catch, Donnie" and, well, just about everything else. Pete writes about little black dresses and being a jaded, bitter hot mess. ♥ ♥ ♥ As always.

6. Slings & Arrows. If you did not already take my advice and YouTube this, you fail at life. Paul Gross, as the middle-aged and disheveled artistic director of the New Burbage Shakespeare Festival, growls his way through the frustration of dealing with the hilariously dramatic members of his company and leaves many a fangirl shivering pleasantly in his wake. It's like listening to Paul McGann roar out "FIRE!" in the Hornblower films... only on a more regular basis. I am such a sucker for a good growly baritone. *dies* Also, watching the insane, theatre-hating director, Darren Nichols, work reminds one that working for the crack lady could have been so much worse

ETA: Things that do not make me happy:

Being sick again. Bugger it all to hell in a handbag with a two inch diameter broom handle. Fuck fucking fucked and all it's fucking cognates.


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