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"You can practically smell the polyester" is a phrase I never thought I'd find endearing and still cannot believe I do. Such is the power of my dance teacher and his green, french-cuffed, striped shirt. Guh. I think, my friends, that I have a problem.

Ridiculous love for my dance teacher (and his wardrobe OMG) aside, I've decided that the hustle is probably the most ridiculously fun dance ever in the history of ever, up to and including anything hitherto done specifically to Europop. Joseph is the Dancing Queen and I was twirled positively dizzy on Friday night. There need to be hustle classes every single week. I would be on those lessons like shit on Velcro. You don't even know.

Brianna spent today reminding me why I loved Sailor Moon so much when I was a kid. Bonus lesbian sailor scouts helped, but also the show is just so cute and pure and cheesy that I can't help but hold some latent adolescent affection for it. Also, it's very comforting to know that someone who fails at life as frequently as Usagi can become a Princess and save the world. It's fiction, I know, but it gives me a little hope on my particularly undignified days.

It is also worth noting that a certain gentleman friend and I have been chatting via facebook with a surprising degree of regularity since my return to Albuquerque. I think we communicate more now than we did when I was in St. Louis. I find this odd and yet wholly unsurprising given our predilection for unconventionality. I like it. It's nice having a friend from the great white middle of nowhere to talk to in the evenings, especially one who I can verbally out-odd. *grins*
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