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Huzzah for productivity! I just turned that dress I got for free over the summer into a dance skirt. It looks pretty and swishy and I like it muchly. AND I only sewed the thing to my jeans once! This, as those of you who have watched me sew while listening to Fall Out Boy will attest, is a major accomplishment.

I still haven't found out any more details about the upcoming suck. I'm betting that something will slip tomorrow during showcase, but that none of it will make any sense until Monday/Tuesday, when I can finally mine the concerned parties for information

I'm not sure what to think about the Wellbutrin. It's odd. I have to take it three times a day and it wakes me up at 4:30 every morning. Not that the latter is a bad thing. I love being up before the sun. I do all of my best thinking at ass o'clock in the morning. How do you think I passed Humanities? ETA: Okay, so the twitchiness and fuzzy-headed-ness in the late afternoon are certainly things I can do without. Methinks the good doctor and I are going to be having words about this during my next appointment.

In literary news, I have a copy of Rafael Sabatini's Captain Blood, courtesy Joseph, and I am ridiculously excited about starting it. That will probably happen tonight. I'm still feeling a little under the weather, so I'm not going to dance practice. It's sad, I know, but the book will hopefully make up for it.

Okay, time to go run errands. I need to buy powder and Brianna's ticket for tomorrow.

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Oh, you guys. I just got some bad news tonight. Like, really bad news. It's soul-crushingly awful and I can't even talk about it because it's still on the up high and I don't know all the details yet.

I promise I'll tell you all about it when I find out what the freaking hell is going on. It might not even be as bad as I'm imagining it to be right now. Never the less, regardless of the intensity of the upcoming suckage, it's still going to suck like a Hoover and I could really use a hug right now.

*sighs* I've decided I have to be brave about it. I'm determined to enjoy the nebulous 'it' while it lasts, and not weep like a small child when it's over. I'm probably going to fail at the latter, but nothing was more embarrassing than crying all over Richard after our Senior Goodbyes so I'm pretty sure I've got this one covered.


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