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Dear Joseph,

"Well, it was in a movie," is not a good excuse for having a song about dying cowboys on your iPod.

Love Regardless,

I should really friends-lock all my entries about my dance classes as the amount of fangirlish love I have for my teacher is highly tragic. Flattery is the key to my heart, and he takes shameless advantage of that. I'd be mad if he wasn't so bloody good at what he does and didn't have so much faith that I would eventually be that good, too.

As you can tell, country western night wasn't nearly as tragic as it could have been... with the exception of that song. Ugh. He decided that Elvis would be good for the rest of it, which I could tolerate. And, besides, we got to improvise when we danced together for CW Swing, which is always fun. I even had a decent partner this time! There was a nice lad there, about my age, who has been taking lessons with Patti for two months. John, I think his name was. Anyway, he was very sweet and a good lead and I hope to see him again at next week's lesson.

Off to hang out with Brianna and her little sister Katie now! Brianna's coffee addiction is worse than everyone's in Saint Louis. I didn't even think that was possible.

Love to all!


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