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No, really. My ears are ringing. They have been doing so all day. Statistics was Hell. SHS wasn't much better, only that little excursion had the added bonus of needles and an EKG. Oh, and a fabled appointment with a cardiologist. Apparently there might be something seriously wrong with me. Who knew?

My initial discussion with the nurse practitioner went something like this:

Aidan: So, my ears are ringing, I'm tired, and I'm dizzy.
Nurse: *looks in ears* Your ears are fine. Lift your shirt.
Aidan: Okay?
Nurse: *listens to heart* *listens to heart again* *presses really fucking hard with the stethoscope* Has anyone ever told you that your heart clicks?
Aidan: o.0 NO?!
Nurse: Well, like I said, your ears are fine. You're probably just a little stuffed-up. You shouldn't worry about that at all. The clicking on the other hand... Will you excuse me for a moment? I'll be right back. *leaves*

So, apparently my heart clicks? What did that mean? I didn't know. She didn't actually tell me, even after she came back, presumably from trying to find someone to give a second opinion. The nurse did get rather worried, though when I quoted Withnail while talking about the 'perpetual cold'. Well, she didn't know it was a quote at the time, but when I mentioned that I can't ever seem to get warm she started asking about the family history of heart problems, ordered an EKG, scheduled an appointment with a cardiologist for some unknown date in the future, and told me I was to go to the lab to get some blood work done.

Needless to say, when I got out of the doctor's office, I called my parents and went straight home. Upon close inspection of my referral sheet I discovered that clicking apparently indicates a heart murmur? The pediatrician thought I had one of those when I was a kid. Only, I went to see a cardiologist back then and was told it was nothing, the doctors were hearing things. *sighs* I don't know. My EKG apparently looked a little funny this time.

Have I mentioned that I hate SHS lately? Because I do. I know they try, but they fail like the failbus that arrived fifteen minutes late AGAIN this morning, and then make me pay actual money for their stupidity. *sighs* Can I go home, now? I'm sick of St. Louis. I miss the desert and my mommy and my fucking car so that I can get the fuck out of here and drown my woes in glitter and earrings at the mall. I also miss my Big Brother, because right now I could use a hug and some quality time with our CSI collection. Instead I'm stuck here with my stupid apartment and the stupid rain and this stupid, fucking PERPETUAL COLD.

On the bright side, my new haircut looks nice? I think the stylist gave me accidental emo fringe. Oops? Whatever. I like it. It looks super sexy with button down shirts and suspenders. And, when the fringe grows out, it will look even better. Win!

ETA; So, apparently my Econ teacher was sick today anyway and canceled class. Good to know. The universe has better timing than I thought.


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